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Remote control

Select your operating system:

Windows 8 / 10 / 11

Windows 8 / 10 / 11

Apple MacOS

Apple / MacOS

Additional Instructions
Ubuntu / Debian

Ubuntu / Debian

Service Status / Ticket system

Submit a ticket or check on our service status.

Service Status

Service status

Ticket System

Ticket System

Internet details

If you need internet login details or IP addresses please contact our office.

Check IP address

Check my IP address

Internet Speedtest

Internet Speedtest


Email settings

Email setup guides:

Outlook 2016

Outlook 2016 - IMAP

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone - IMAP

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone - Office 365

Username: (your full email address)

Password: if you need to reset your password please contact us or use the control panel to change your password

Webmail system (RoundCube)

Incoming server:

Un-secure ports: 110 for POP3 / 143 for IMAP

Secure ports: 995 for POP3s / 993 for IMAPs

Outgoing server:
(the outgoing server requires authentication - username is the full email address and password is the same as incoming)

Un-secure ports: 25 or 587 SMTP

Secure ports: STARTLS 587 or 465

FTP Settings

**please note we only support FTPES (FTP explicit SSL)

Filezilla settings


Username and password provided at sign up or can be changed in the control panel.

Control Panel

If you want to create an email address or update your website you can do so from our control panel

2plus1 Hosting control panel

2plus1 Hosting Control Panel


VOIP Information


2plus1 VOIP Cheatsheet

2plus1 VOIP control panel

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