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Name: Steve Sagar – Leeds

Comment: Ashley thank you for your help today, it’s sorted out my problem. I do appreciate it.

Name: ACS HSE Ltd – Barkisland

Comment: Ash was recommended to us about 12 months ago (ish). However we were a little sceptical as we were under the impression that all was well with our computer system. It just goes to show how wrong you can be. The very first time Ash visited our office, he was able to access our wireless network from the end of our corridor – gasp horror I hear you say, and yes you would be right. We had the system in place, but no protection, anyone could have entered our system and looked through/deleted our files.Oh no we thought, Ash came to the rescue – ‘not a problem’ he said and soon sorted it out and put our minds at rest.

Name: Glenn Roberts / GPR Dental – Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Comment: I am fortunate to have known Ash for over 10 years now and know how good he is. Having first used his unique abilities on a personal level I now have 2plus1 as my total IT solution. Not only has Ash helped me with those small irritating problems but unfortunately with those big ones as well, and in every case has sorted out the issue and got me and my company back up and running. I have recommended Ash to a number of friends and associated companies all of whom now use his services very happily. It is a measure of his abilities that I am confident to recommend him against any other form of so called IT help! As my business has grown, Ash has helped in recommending various changes to my computer and other related systems that have greatly improved the companies efficiency, changes I might add that I would never have thought of! I know that as the future unfolds for me and GPR Dental it will always contain an ASH!!

Name: Geoff Inskip – County Durham

Comment: Hi, Our computer was dreadfully slow and I and my whizzkid daughter Sarah couldn’t work out why. Ash was then recommened by our very dear friend Glenn of GPR dental. Ash immediately accessed our computer from his base in Huddersfield. Hey presto and now its like greased lightning. We are delighted and Sarah tells all her friends that the computer problems are no more as we now have an ASH!!!! Many thanks Ash you are a legend!

Name: Nick Smalley.

Comment: Excellent work from Ash. Competent and efficient. Will definitely use again if neccessary and recommend to friends.

Name: Jacqui Greenwood-Elite Flooring Systems

Comment: We were introduced to Ashley 3 years ago and found his knowledge and service second to none. He built our computer to accommodate our Company requirements and his continued support is excellent. His response is immediate which is a must when things go wrong he can actually control my computer from his own laptop enabling me to work from any where in the world.We are very comfortable with Ashley’s approach to our business and find his hourly rate very acceptable.We would not hesitate to recommend his service to any Company however large or small.

Name: Mike Turner AAC Technology Ltd Brighouse

Comment: This is easy. Just don’t bother going anywhere else for help. Fast, efficient, competent and good value-what more can you ask for?Well he could be female, 5′ 6″ with blonde hair, blue eyes and a great body with a dad that owns a brewery!

Name: Jean Stephenson

Comment: I am extremely pleased with all the help,info e.t.c I have had from you.If I have any problems at all I know I can count on you to sort them out. Thanks Ashley your’e the best

Name: Paul Andrews ( Excel Healthcare )

Comment: I have known Ash for about 2 years, I have alway’s found him to be reliable, professional, knowledgeable and helpful, he has saved me twice when my computor has crashed, with his reassuring attitude and expierience, I trust him completely. He solves any problem that occurs with the minimum of delay. I would truly and honestly recommend him to anybody. I dont believe I have met a more genuine or nicer person in business.Paul Andrews

Name: Morley Chiropractic Clinic

Comment: Computers have the capacity to leave me tearing my hair out. Ashley has been a lifesaver from numerous hairy situations over the last few years. His reassuring manner and efficient service is always appreciated. Lets not split hairs here, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. Many thanks Martin

Name: Ems

Comment: Just wanted to say a big thank you to Ash for giving up his time to help me find my missing document. You really are a star and saved the day! I will certainly be recommending you to anyone I know who owns a computer, what you don’t know about computers isn’t worth knowing!Thanks again,Emma

Name: Paul R Smith

Comment: Just to say that I always refer Ashley to any of my clients, if they need any computer maintenance, after providing a great service to my accountancy practice. I have found Ashley gets problems sorted fairly fast, with problems explained in real English/Yorkshire (none of that techinical gubbins most of us don’t understand) and without too much expense.

Name: Mary Wood

Comment: Ash – you are a star! Speaking as a scared,confirmed technophobe, Ashley has made everything seem possible! He manages to both reassure and teach at the same time and never once have I ever been made to feel an idiot for not knowing something really obvious. The fact that I happily use modern technology is a credit to him! And I recommend him totally for people, like me, who regard computers with great suspicion! Thanks, Ash….. I have no doubt I’ll be needing you again soon!

Name: Jonathan Matischen

Comment: Thanks very much for your help, especially with the Hoover 😀 Top notch job. Ill be ringing again if the computers have anymore problems. 😀 Jonny.

Name: Almatt / Anthony pye

Comment: Ashley has been superb in responding and dealing with problems I have encountered in the intrepid world of computers. He really does know his stuff. He happens to be a very nice person as well, but don’t tell him that!

Name: Jill Gee

Comment: Thanx for sorting my pc out Ash you call yourself a pc geek but I think your a genius.Will highly recommend you and will certainly use you again in the future. Thanx again wizz kid, Jill

Name: Mr and Mrs Molinuex, Brighouse

Comment: Following a recommendation we asked Ash to sort out our Home PC regarding Security and the fact that the system was running very slow.To our delight he remotely sorted our problem in minutes.We would have no hesitation in recommending his company for any PC problems you may come across and wish him all the success in the future.Many thanks Ash

Name: Dwayne Deegan / Bedlum Beds

Comment: Ash was recomended to me by my sister-in-law who works for a company that he looks after. After a quick visit to my office he sorted out all my problems including re-installing missing files, wireless system, removed a load of cables from behind the computer that were surplus to requirements and kicked AOL into touch giving me a Windows operated computer again. Working like new again ! Cheers Ash

Name: Tracey Armitage

Comment: Thanks for all the work you have done for us Ashley. The kids are very pleased to be up and running on their own systems and so am I!! Being able to call you today and sort out the mail box problem was superb, you provide an exellent servies I have already passed on your number to a friend.

Name: Alan R

Comment: We were given Ash’s details by some friends after we’d gone through major problems with broadband. If only we’d found him earlier!

Name: Betty Sharples, Cockley Meadows.

Comment: Thanks for all your help Ashley, now connected to Tiscali

Name: Tanya

Comment: Thank you for sorting out my comp Ash. Ill defiantly recommend you to fiends and I no who to call now lol.

Name: Rod, Brighouse

Comment: Ashley – many thanks for your prompt response and solution to our connection problem.

Name: Christine Brooks – Bradford

Comment: Thanks, once again you have sorted out my computers in your usual friendly way. Its great having someone who doesn’t make you feel an idiot for not knowing what to do and I always learn something new from you. Once again THANKS.

Name: Julia, Rishworth

Comment: So pleased with ash’s work he came the next day and was quick efficient and friendly will definatly be recommending him to my friends and i will keep him as a contact.

Name: The Turner Family, Halifax

Comment: Saw Ash’s contact details and called him, wondering what/who we’d get to help us install broadband and answer a few questions that we (non-techies) had. We got a very competent, professional, approachable young man who sorted us out quickly and efficiently. We were very impressed with him and will not hesitate to contact him if and when we need help again. Thank you Ash.

Name: Shirley Radley JTA Installations Ltd

Comment: Ash came highly recommended by Will Ainley our electrician,We missed out on his great fast efficient service 2 months ago(this to our cost!!!) We recommend his prompt,clear,professional advice. 2plus1 is all you need for complete computer confidence, Thanks again Ash our IT man of the future.

Name: Germaine & Simon

Comment: Many thanks Ashley for sorting out what seemed to me like an impossible task.

Name: Nicola Maidens

Comment: Ashley I have to say thank you very much for sorting my laptop up I don’t know how many times and usually through something I have done. I really appreciate it.

Name: Rachael & Owen, Brighouse

Comment: Ashley is a real gem. He fixed our PC problem very quickly and is a very nice man; a very, very nice man. He even had time to humour the “infinite wisdom” of our four year old child. He come’s highly recommended.

Name: Jonny Kermode

Comment: Is there anything this guy doesn’t know? Hell no! Cheers for all your help over the years.

Name: Angie Edwards / SMiLES CATERERS

Comment: Ashley what can I say?….. Thanks for your help, you not only fix pc`s but sort internet connections out on the phone too. A professional guy who I`ll recommend to anyone in the future.

Name: Geoff.t

Comment: Hi Ashley, Many many thanks for all your time & help. I would never have sorted my problems out in a 1,000 years. If anyone I know has any PC troubles in the future I will certainly recomend you. Once again many thanks, Geoff


Comment: 6.45 in the evening and yet again Ash came to the rescue.

Name: William Rane-Halifax

Comment: Thanks Ashley, you restored the speed in my computer and sorted it out good and proper.

Name: Kath

Comment: Hey Ashley,Thank you so much for ”healing” my computer today. Anyone having computer problems, Ashley’s your guy. Kath (Hipperholme Post Office) Oh and thanks for the tip about the shelf…it”s doing what it should now that I”ve turned it around!! Blinking MFI!! Or should that be MRI?

Name: Sharon S-W

Comment: Hi Ash, Just wanted to say a truely big thankyou for all your help with the laptop. Fantastic service, help and friendliness, thats what makes you stand out Ash. Thanks once again. Ps. Cream cakes are on me. Thanks Sharon

Name: Andrea, Brighouse

Comment: Hi Ash, just to say thank you for mending our computer, it’s fantastic, the girls are so happy they are back online. All these weeks I have been trying to sort it myself and it took you less than an hour! Next time I’ll just email you.

Name: Mark Veitch

Comment: Ashley has been a great help with setting up and securing my home systems. I would recommend him to anyone looking for reliable, friendly support for their systems.

Mark V

Name: JTA Installations Ltd

Comment: Ash thanks very much for your prompt attention you are the best IT guy ever, a befit to our company we could not do without you!!!!!! Have a great new year Shirley

Name: Michele & Danny Lund

Comment: Hi Ash Just like to say thanks for sorting our problems out. Danny is happy now he has the sound on his Laptop and the main PC has never been faster. Have recommended you to everyone with a problem hope you can cope! Cheers

Name: Sue and Roger Verity

Comment: A visit from Ash had our broadband set up and running very quickly. Additional tweaking has been done over the phone. All in all totally painfree experience !!What a pleasure to work with him. He explained everything he was doing in a way we could understand. A breath of fresh air.

Name: David Stead

Comment: I was having problems setting up my wireless network at home. I noticed Ash\’s card in the local post office window so I e-mailed him. We arranged a time and Ash turned up and sorted it in no time at all. He wouldn\’t dream of accepting full payment for what he considered a minor job. Top bloke, can\’t recommend highly enough and a fan of the Pixies too!

Name: Steve Scott

Comment: Ashley arrived and proceeded to bring my computer back to life. Nothing was too much trouble for him and he rectified all my long standing laptop problems. I could highly recommend his services to anyone.Thank you.

Name: JTA Installations Ltd

Comment: What a great IT guy!only a phone call or email away, Ash is truley a great help top our company.

Name: Richard Palmer

Comment: Hi Ash!

Thanks [once again] for your work in building the new PC and installation.

You certainly made Marjorie\’s day! She is now becoming a true \”Silver Surfer\”

Sorry about the hiccup with the webcam!

Over the years you have such a brilliant help with all of our computers – I keep singing your praises to anybody who has a problem.

Long may 2plus1 thrive and prosper – you deserve it – you work hard and the results prove just how successful you are.

I always know that when I get into trouble, a quick note to soon get\’s things sorted.

Best Wishes,


Name: Brenda Hazelden

Comment: Very satisfied with work recently done. My computer is now running much faster as he deleted a lot of unnecessary programs. He answered every question in \’plain English\’ not computer jargon.

Name: Ronald Lumb

Comment: Yet again our computer has been sorted, thanks very much to Ash & Simon. Job well done as per usual and a Happy Christmas to all inc Carol

Name: Alison Smith, Winchester

Comment: Wow, what a difference a day makes!! My husband is so impressed and says he you have been real value for money. Praise indeed from someone who was a bit concerned by remote access work.

Thanks again for a great job. It\’s nice to know I can get back to you if there are any problems. I will certainly recommend you to my friends

Name: Calderdale Guardian

Comment: When we wanted a server to host our eNews I knew Ash would not fail to deliver. Since its maiden launch last autumn the readership has grown beyond our expectations.
Now Ash has introduced us to and set up WordPress for us the new ultra professional look will attract even more devoted followers.

Name: Dave Wozencroft

Comment: Excellent & speedy service.
My laptop is now running MUCH faster.
Very pleased with your service.