Staying safe online

As we come across more advice we will add to this page.

Staying safe online – advice from 2plus1

  • Install a PAID anti-virus and firewall solution – We recommend Eset with our free installation service – contact us for more information.
  • Make sure your wireless network is secure minimum “WPA”
  • Beware of free WiFi (especially for financial transactions)
  • Any email with an attachment from somewhere or someone you don’t know can be deleted – if you know the sender its worth checking with them before opening.
  • Do not use Internet Explorer – use either Firefox or Chrome
    • install the following add-ons for Firefox and Chrome:
      • Adblock Plus (this blocks adverts)
      • NoScript (this stops Java from running on pages unless you authorise them)
  • Only use a credit card for online purchases – never a debit card.
  • Make a note of the CVV (3 digit) number on the back of your bank cards then scratch it off. This number is only used for online transactions; removing it from your card will stop a thief using your card online if your purse or wallet is stolen.
  • If you have a Paypal account turn on “mobile phone security”. This will send you a text when you login to your Paypal account with a six digit number, which you then enter in to your computer as an additional form identification – more information here.
  • Un-link your Paypal account from Ebay – this decreases the chance of your Paypal account being exploited through your Ebay login.
  • Don’t use your Mother’s maiden name for security questions on any account – especially accounts related to money – use any other word you can remember.
  • Ignore adverts online that promise to “Speed up your PC” – they don’t work and can often make it slower.
  • Hang-up on anyone who calls on your landline telling you they are calling from Microsoft about a virus – as this is a SCAM.
  • If someone calls on your landline and says they are from your bank, say you will call them back – hangup and call the number on the back of your bank card from your MOBILE – trust me on this one..
  • Set a pin code to unlock your mobile phone and setup tracking eg. Find my iPhone for apple products
  • Beware of applications without reviews or with descriptions not in English on Android Play Store
  • Passwords are a pain to remember because most people use passwords like “Password23” which are not very secure,  or “Pa55w0rd23” which is only slightly better. We suggest you pick four words and capitalise the first letter of each one and put punctuation on the end e.g. “GardenMowerFlowerPond%”. This makes for a much easier to remember password, I bet you can remember it already!
  • Don’t use the same password for every website you register an account on – as a bare minimum use a separate password for financial sites – if you want to use a diffrent password for every site you use then a password manager like 1password, Lastpass or the password manager built in to your browser can help with that.
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